Colorado Group Health Insurance

Colorado Group Health Insurance

Rocky Mountain Health Brokers provide Colorado Group Health Insurance to companies of all sizes.We have both HMO as well as PPO plans with variable deductibles and levels of coverage that assure there is a plan to meet the needs of every business size at affordable rates. Rocky Mountain Health Brokers understands that it is important for Colorado employers to offer their teams plans that are both flexible and comprehensive at the same time. As and Independent Colorado Insurance Broker, Rocky Mountain Health Brokers is able to shop the market place on your behalf, and find the best particular coverage plan for your organizations needs. Our Colorado Group Health Insurance plans inclue:

Group Health PPO Plans

Our Colorado Group Health PPO Plans offer a variety of coverage and
deductible options which include access to an extensive nationwide provider network as well as out of network benefits. 

HMO Plans

Coverage options include a broad selection of options for coverage and access to in and out of network providers.

Health Savings Account Plans

Qualify for Tax benefits through a Colorado Health Savings Account (HSA)

Mulit Plan Offerings

For Companies with 5 or more employees enrolled as full time you can
offer up to three plan offerings with pairing requirements.

Colorado Prescription Drug Coverage

Rocky Mountain Health Brokers pairs Colorado Health Insurance Plans with both generic and / or brand name prescription drug riders which are available for selection at the individual employee level. There are
numerous benefits to this including a lower contribution cost from the employer without sacrificing coverage options for the staff.

Colorado Group Health PPO Plans

Many people don’t actually know what a PPO is. A PPO stands for “Preferred ProviderOrganization” which is a group providing health benefit plans with choices in the providers. Most Colorado Group Health PPO plans are similar in that both allow the employees to receive health care from a variety of providers all combined into one comprensive
network, and with better benefits and lower out of pocket costs if you stay in the network. And most also allow employees to go out of network at their discretion, still receiving similar benefits but usually at higher costs.

Colorado Small Business Group Health HMO Plans

HMO’s differ from PPO’s in the the members who are enrolled in their plans must stay within their network of providers for their health care services. However, when you must travel outside your city or state and need health care services while abroad, there is still a national network of providers which you can access in order to receive benefits. Just like PPO’s there are a variety Colorado Group Health HMO Plans to choose from each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

If you would like to learn more our Colorado Group Health Insurance plans or if you would to get started today with a free online quote, please contact our Colorado Insurance Broker Eric Smith today!