Denver Accident Insurance

Denver Accident Insurance

Some people opt to have a Denver Accident Health Insurance Supplement or Denver Injury Insurance
plan. Some individuals use Denver Accident Health Insurance to pay for emergency room costs.
Most people try to avoid high monthly premiums and in turn their initial deductible
is higher. With trips to the hospital, you usually meet your high deductible that could
sometimes result in a bill of $5000 or up. With a Denver Accident Insurance plan, you won’t
have to worry about such high deductibles at an affordable monthly cost.

All people that apply for accident coverage, get approved. Personal injury insurance
plans have guaranteed acceptance. There is no underwriting necessary nor any health
questions or requirements. Personal injury plan benefits can be used at any doctors
office, emergency room, hospital, or urgent care facility. This type of coverage also pays
for medical expenses in the ER, hospital stays, etc. If any personal injury occurs, all
benefits can be used after your policy effective date.

Denver Accident Insurance plans are not the same as traditional health insurance plans. They are
considered memberships that cover accident injuries.

Indemnity insurance supplements is a policy that compensate the insured for a financial
loss when being billed by a doctor or medical facility. Indemnity insurance plans will
pay a portion of your medical bills up to a benefits level that the member chooses. These
types of plans do not cover illnesses, they only cover accidental bodily injuries.

A Denver Personal Injury Accident Insurance Plan covered injuries costs from any single accident
that is less than the choose deductible amount. There is also a policy maximum that can
be provided by your insurance agent. For example if you broke your leg and the bill was
$5000 but your deductible was $100. You would pay $100 out of pocket. The reminder
of the bill would be paid my your insurance company. These types of plans are taken by
any doctor, hospital or medical facility. You do not have to use an “in network” facility
or doctor. If you were restricted to use an “in network” doctor or hospital, this plan
would not be as beneficial. Accidents are untimely and having the option and freedom to
use any doctor of hospital is why these plans are so useful This type of policy pays per
individual injury per accident.

Here are some example fees that would be covered under a Denver Personal Injury Insurance

  • Ambulance expenses
  • Doctor visits
  • Prescription drugs
  • X-rays
  • Emergency room costs
  • Lab tests
  • Anesthesia
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgical fees
  • Operating costs
  • MRI’s
  • Emergency stay costs

Denver Accident Health Insurance supplements and personal injury insurance are very affordable.
Because you are only being covered for unexpected bodily injuries and not traditional
health insurance benefits like preventative care, there are reasonable prices that are
offered. You don’t have to pay extreme out of pocket premiums yet get a high dollar
amount in benefits.

When choosing this type of insurance plan, make sure you know what is being covered.
Some plans have exclusions so you want to make sure you have realistic expectations and
know what exactly you are paying for and what coverage you have.

Get Accident Insurance Today!

If you would like more information on Denver Personal Injury Accident Insurance or accident
insurance supplements, contact our experienced Denver Health Insurance Broker, Eric Smith
for a free consultation. Rocky Mountain Health Brokers can help you find the most
affordable plan for your needs. Get covered today and eliminate the stress of paying out
of pocket for unexpected hospital and doctor bills.

Wholesale Benefit Association

The Wholesale Benefit Association (WBA) is a membership organization
dedicated to bringing deeply discounted services to families and small businesses all over America. Through the buying-power of the WBA, members enjoy substantial savings on a variety of essential services. These services were assembled from the finest providers throughout the country and combined into a single plan.

Low monthly dues entitle members to Accident Medical Expense & AD&D Life Coverage, Injury Only Disability Income coverage, Consult A Doctor services and a large selection of consumer discount services. The program is available to individuals, families and groups. Members will not be subjected to underwriting exams or pre-existing conditions restrictions.

Association members receive a personalized benefits package containing ID Cards, instructions, toll-free numbers, and web site addresses. WBA supplies benefits to our members at the lowest possible prices, and continuously seeks additional high-quality service plans to further enhance the overall value each membership provides.

These affordable plans provide a substantial package of money saving services and baseline benefits. They are not intended as a replacement or substitute for health insurance, but can dramatically reduce your expenditures.

WBA offers you a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason you decide to cancel your membership within the first 30 days after application or effective date (whichever is later), we will give you a full refund of your association dues and enrollment fee, no questions asked.