Denver Group Health Insurance!

Denver Group Health Insurance!

Denver Group Health Insurance Quotes start with Rocky Mountain Health Brokers, the state’s number 1 source for Denver Health Insurance Services. From small companies to large corporations, Rocky Mountain Health Brokers leads the pack for the best service, rates, and products for Denver Group Health Insurance. Let our expert Group Health Insurance Broker – Eric Smith, help you and your company get the best possible rates on Denver Group Health Insurance today!

What are the various group health insurance plans offered?

Rocky Mountain Health Brokers offers a variety of Group Health Plans to their clients. Depending on size and need, RMHB can design a plan that works best for you!

The term “group health plan” means an employee welfare benefit plan to the extent that the plan provides medical care and including items and services paid for as medical care) to employees or their dependents (as defined under the terms of the plan) directly or through insurance,
reimbursement, or otherwise.

Fully Insured Employer Group

The employer contracts directly with the insurance company to provide
certificates to covered employees. Typical arrangement is either for
major medical or health maintenance organization (HMO) coverages. 

Small Employer Group

Insurance companies group certain industries together and then gather
small employers together to form a larger group. These groupings enable
the insurance company to better predict the cost of providing the
insurance. The small employers can then get coverages otherwise not
available unless charged a much higher rate. All the small employers get
the same policy without deviation.

Large Employer Group

Same as a fully insured employer group with direct contract between the
insurance company and the employer to provide individual certificates
to covered employees.

Self-Funded ERISA

to large groups. The group contracts with an insurance company or
third-party administrator to handle the paperwork. The group pays for
all costs associated with the operation of the insurance plan itself,
along with the added cost for administration.

Why submit a Group Health Insurance Request online?

So we can start shopping the market for you! More importantly it helps us ensure the greatest efficiency and accuracy in working with each new account. We NEVER share your information with a 3rd party and during normal business hours you can expect a call back in 30 minutes or less from an agent with specific knowledge for your needs and your location. You can also contact our Benefits Division President, Denver insurance agent Eric Smith direct at 720) 974-1703 if you prefer to speak with a live person. Serving Denver and surrounding areas throughout Colorado.

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