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Denver Life insurance, or life insurance in Colorado or anywhere for that matter, may be one of the most important purchases you will ever make.  Denver Life Insurance is primarily necessary to help you or your loved ones from facing financial hardship following the death of a family member. In simplest terms, Life Insurance ensures that an insurance company will pay whomever you name as a beneficiary a specific benefit following a tragedy. There are a number of plans an options that one should consider when buying Denver
Life Insurance. Most importantly, you need to determine if you need Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance. Also, if you’re an employer or interested in obtaining Life Insurance through your work, you may want to consider Group Life Insurance.One of our experienced Denver Life Insurance Brokers would be happy to assist you in determining the appropriate plan for you needs.

Screen-Shot-2013-08-06-at-4Determining if you need Life Insurance?

Most Denver Life Insurance or Colorado life insurance is bought with the intention of using it to protect family members from the financial hardships the arise in the wake of tragedy in the family, specifically the loss of a loved one. In the event that you are the primary income producer for your family, your death could mean financial hardship and burden for your family. Also, if you own your own business it’s possible that the loss of an employee could create the need to leverage life insurance benefits to replace a key team memeber, or possibly to the
purchase the interest or shares of a former parter. In the wake of tragedy IE death, to most common benefits from the policy are:

  • Helping the family maintain a similar standard of living in the absence of your financial contribution.
  • To ensure personal debts, credits lines, mortages etc. are paid off or maintained.
  • Assisting with the cost of higher eduction for your children.
  • To cover the costs of the death including funeral costs as well as taxes.
  • To set aside a reasonable amount of money as to create an emergency fund for your loved ones.
  • For business owners it can be used to offset the cost of a lost employee, or possibly to purchase the stocks and interest they held.
  • Charitable contributions, or endowments.

How much life insurance do I need?

Young or old, single or married, we’re happy to assist you in determining the appropriate amount of lifer insurance to purchase. We can also explain to you the respective advantages and disadvantages of different types of life insurance policies. Most importantly, Rocky Mountain Health Brokers is an independent insurance agency. We can offer affordable Denver Life Insurance to protect you, your family and your business.  We work with only the top life insurance companies in the country to provide insurance that best fits your needs and budget.

How much does life insurance cost?

The cost of Denver Life Insurance or Colorado Life Insurance Policies are dependent upon several factors:  the age of the applicant, the gender of the applicant, whether the applicant is a smoker or non-smoker, and the general health status of the applicant.  The following table gives some examples of the cost of coverage for
different scenarios:

Annual Premiums for Preferred, Non smoker *


$250,000 $500,000
Male Female Male Female
Age 30 $150 $138 $240 $210
Age 40 $190 $170 $320 $280
Age 50 $403 $345 $730 $585


*Rates are based on a 10 year level term, premiums for other underwriting classes, ages, face amounts and payment modes are available.

Life Insurance Resources

Here are some helpful resources for you to use while you’re trying to decide who to use to purchase your Denver Life Insurance:

And here’s a very helpful Downloadable PDF which you can use to further educate yourself on Denver Life Insurance:

Life Insurance

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