Term Denver Life Insurance

Denver Life Insurance

At Rocky Mountain Health Brokers, we consider a good denver life insurance plan to be a sound investment for the future. It can be used to help with expenses that result from the demise of a loved one.  Life insurance may also be used as an inheritance to pass on to an heir,pay taxes, or as a donation to a choice charity.

The Basics of Buying Denver Life Insurance

It is advisable that a person buy a denver life insurance policy that is equivalent to wages and other household income, which is normally available to support a spouse and/or dependents.   At Rocky Mountain Health Brokers, we recommend that clients estimate a monetary amount that will offset additional expenses incurred.  We also encourage clients to consider future wage increases that come with the
rising cost of living.

We work with clients to ensure that they will receive a substantial financial advantage that will help to recoup monetary loss that is likely to occur at a person’s demise.  This includes income received through your employer not included in gross wages, such as your employer’s contribution to your health insurance premium, matches to your 401(k) plan, as well as other benefits.

The purpose of having denver life insurance is to ensure that loved ones are taken care of after a person has departed.  In the case of people who do not have dependents and have the means to pay their final expenses, purchasing life insurance may not be necessary.  However, life insurance may be used toward an inheritance, pay
outstanding bills, or donate to charity, and it is recommended that a person buy enough life insurance so that this can be accomplished.

The Main Types of Life insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term Life insurance is the most basic form of life insurance offered at Denver Life Insurance.  Policies may be used to meet numerous business and personal obligations and provide the most coverage for a defined period.  These are recommended for paying off loans, settle other long-term financial obligations or to assist with the care of a young child. Many use their term life insurance to ensure that their mortgage is fully paid at the time of their demise.  Most companies offer level premiums for five years or more.  Some even
offer 30-year plans.

Whole Life Insurance

Rocky Mountain Health Insurance also offers whole life, or permanent,insurance.  This form of life insurance where the policy is remains during the lifetime of the insured.  The difference between this type of policy and term life insurance is that the benefits are assured and cash value may accrue as long as payments are current.

Whole life insurance programs are created to remain in effect until the demise of the insured.  Compared to term insurance, the cost is considerably higher.  Since term insurance is normally used to cover expenses as a result of death, there is no cash accumulation tied to a policy.   Most people find term
insurance more attractive because of the low cost and power to invest the difference.  However, the down side is that term policies do have an expiration date.

We recommend that our clients contact us at least once a year, or when a life event takes place. This can have an impact on current insurance needs as they may include:

  • – Marriage or Divorce
  • – A birth or adoption of a child or grandchild
  • – Significant health issues experienced by the insured, their spouse or domestic partner
  • – The financial care of an aging parent
  • – The purchase of real estate
  • – The long-term care of a loved one
  • – Home refinancing your
  • – Inheritance

We are dedicated to giving you the best service.  Many of our customers have been with us for years and we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships.

Call Rocky Mountain Health Brokers to receive more information or for a consultation so we can discuss your denver life insurance needs and come up with a policy premium that will satisfy your lifestyle.