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The Affordable Care Act and Individual Health Plans

I have been attending several meetings that deal specifically with the Affordable Health Care Act and there is nothing that is simple about the new law. Individual Health plans are being redesigned by all insurance carriers and they have to submit their new plans and rates by 04/30/2013. THe bad news is the Insurance Commisioner will have until mid summer to approve the new plans. IN the meantime, consumers will have to pick up a health plan to cover them for the rest of the year. October of 2013, all the new plans and premiums will be in place in CO that are qualified health plans for the new health law. I strongly suggest that any and everyone find a good health insurance broker that can guide them through these difficult and confusing times. As soon as rates and plans are released this summer, Brokers will need to contact their clients and advise them of the new plans and pricing.

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